Anita Lawless Coaching

Welcome to Anita Lawless Coaching. If you are looking for a fresh approach to coaching, whether you are running a business, a sports team, in an education setting or you are struggling with your day-to-day life, I can help you. We all want less stress, more creativity and a more productive and exciting way to navigate through challenges. We want to think more clearly and be more resilient and less affected by outside events.

I will point you in a new direction to help you understand what really determines human behaviour, motivation and performance, enabling you to take your game to a higher level, unaffected by situations, with less stress, more endurance and a greater capacity for enjoying (so sticking with) the journey.

I am a qualified Transformational Coach, a Three Principles Practitioner and I am studying for a psychology honours degree. I’ve run my own sport horse business, ridden competitively and worked in commercial environments. I have a young daughter, I’ve been married, dealt with family illness, death, and divorce and faced my own demons of anxiety and depression.

I work with individuals, organisations and teams who want something to change for the better. The issues may be wide and varied, complex and unique, but the methodology is the same, accessing the resources that we already have rather than spending valuable time and energy learning unnecessary tools and techniques. We do not need to challenge our thoughts or beliefs, understanding where they come from and what they really are, is much more conducive to change. The outcomes are clarity, sustainable psychological resilience, enhanced creativity and increased performance.

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T: 07916 151095